I hate surprises and maybe acted like an asshole, Valentines surprises suck?

Sorry, not sorry. My boyfriend sometimes just takes things way too far for his own satisfaction.

He’s been constantly making our Valentine’s Day plans worse. I just wanted to honestly stay home and cook then do something fun the next night.

But then it turned into we are going to the Opera. I’m okay so off I go to buy a dress. Then I find out it’s a double date with his sister and boyfriend, who I love. But it isn’t the romantic night we’ve been planning for 6 months.

He picked this event because his brother in law could get free tickets. This night is supposed to be my birthday, Christmas and Valentines all rolled into one since we skipped the rest.

so when my S/O is saying he can maybe leave work early by 15 minutes when I’m flying in from across the country that morning I’m kind of annoyed. We have plans that he made and don’t get time together.

Then he tells me the weekend is for me and other people wanted to hang out. I’m like... well since when can’t they hang out and you didn’t block the one night that mattered.

I fly in during the morning and will take an Uber to his place 30 minutes away. Someone could pick me up but I’d refuse the offer. I’m coming from the East Coast and landing at 9am pacific time. So I’m going to sleep on the plane. Then sleep more at his place because ain’t no sleep tonight.


i realized he doesn’t care or doesn’t know how to because this was important to me. The first time I’ve ever said please kind of make a little deal over me.

He then indicated it was all a surprise and I ruined it.

the “surprise” was him decorating his house with valentines and pictures, he already told me. I’m like that doesn’t equal actual words from you

He’s all acting like he was going to propose. I mean go big or go home. I complain once and he’s like well. I had all the surprises laid out and you ruined it.
I hate surprises and maybe acted like an asshole, Valentines surprises suck?
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