Found out a former childhood friend was sexually abused …. what would you do?

I was friends with this girl from the age of eleven until about sixteen years old. We drifted apart from the ages of 16 until about 18, staying in touch via text messages. Then at nineteen, she literally just cut me off. Didn't reply to messages and ghosted me. Looking back, she was a pretty awful friend. She was demanding and would often hit me when she was upset. She had a mild intellectual disability, so I often made excuses.

Two years ago, she reached out to me stating she wanted to reconnect. I was hesitant because I had moved on and was a lot happier with life without her in it, but I added her on social media. I asked her if something had happened, because it was weird that she would contact me after such a long time and she stated there wasn't. A couple of days later, she deleted me when I did not respond to her messages quick enough. Whatever, I was not fussed. Every once and a while she would try calling or message me, and I would ignore it.

About two weeks ago, I received a message from a mutual friend of ours who informed me that this girl had recently disclosed to her that her step-father had been sexually abusing her since the age of 16 until 29. It only stopped because she had told her boyfriend, who in turn told this girl's mother that she needed counselling.

The mother ripped into the boyfriend stating not to tell her how to "raise my daughter." The girl broke up with the boyfriend and blamed him for telling her mother.

The step-father has "gone away" but it was not reported to the police.

Mutual friend told me the girl had gone off the rails with seeing different men, etc. I told the friend about a confidential phone line where the girl could access counselling, but mutual friend did not want to bring it up again with the girl or pass it on.

I do not want to rekindle this friendship, but I would feel awkward messaging her that information as I have only come by it from a third party.

What would you do if you were in my shoes?
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My concerns are that her family may be stopping her from getting support/counselling as it seems they pressured her into dumping the boyfriend that tried to get her help. Mutual friend also does not seem to want to help her as she has her own stuff going on.

While she is an adult, she has an intellectual disability which can impact her ability to make informed decisions or even get help. This is the reason why I am unsure what to do. If she didn't have it, I wouldn't even be thinking about it.
Found out a former childhood friend was sexually abused …. what would you do?
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