Can you help me identify if a person is into me?

So I have a friend. Another friend once told me she is into me ( this friend interprets way too much ) so i started thinking about it and i fell a bit for her. Problem : i got the feeling she really likes me and sends me signs but i could just imagine it or she just feels like good friends because i helped her a bit through some bad times ( an asshole friend ). She always compliments me, writes to me when im not in school ( she's always pretty sad when this happens ), she partly began gaming because i like it, were laughing much together and she somehow cares about me and my feelings. She would be all time there. Now i dont know if she just wants to be a good friend or more. I just dont want to risk our friendship because i really appreciate it and i don't wanna lose it. I just dont know what she is feeling and what she wants. Help me ahhhhhhh.
by the way thanks for every answer :)
Im beeing retardet and its obvious she wanna be my friend
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She wants me and i should ask her how she feels so we can get together
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Bruh no clue
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Can you help me identify if a person is into me?
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