What Should I do with our relationship?

My boyfriend and I had been dating a while. And then last summer he had to move to another country to help his father. His mother is still in the same city I am in. We had many talks before the move about what we should do. We both wanted to continue our relationship, because he was going to be gone for a year, and come back the following summer. As months went on, we’ve become more and more distant. A few days ago we confronted the fact that there isn’t any substance in our relationship right now, yet we both still wanted to stay together, with the idea that he is coming back in the summer time. I’m feeling lonely and hurt because of his distance. He is a busy guy, but I don’t know what’s best for us. I love him a lot. He says he loves me too, and can’t imagine a future without me
What Should I do with our relationship?
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