Is it a good idea to contact his mom?

I will try to keep this short. But I met my boyfriend about a year ago and we became official in January. He lived about six hours away from me, until he mpved recently.

My boyfriend doesn't have an education or completed high school. He said he was afraid to lose me (I am pursuing my degree currently) and that he wanted to work with cyber security, so he wanted to go back to school. To save money, he moved back home and to take time to take up classes and hopefully start his bachelors bachelors after.

However, when we came to his mother's house after moving, his mother and step father started putting loads of pressure on him. They told him he had to go to bed early every night, study every single day and see me as little as possible to focus. They also went off on all these unnecessary tests he had to take, and that he could forget about certain dream jobs because they were too elite for him.

I understand that they wanted him to know how serious school is. I am a student, so I know. But he has completely lost his motivation that he once had. He has ADD (trouble focus), but is willing to take meds and everything to keep his focus. Now he is scared and depressed because he doesn't believe in himself.

I wrote a draft I planned on sending to his mom, being really nice and saying how much I appreciated them and letting me into their home for a few days. I also complimented them on a lot of aspects, but I kindly told her that my boyfriend has lost his motivation and he really needs them to be on his side more and take one step at a time. Is it acceptable to send this message? I feel like as his girlfriend I need to make sure he is okay and let his family know if he isn't. What do you guys think? I am truly very proud of him for trying and leaving everything behind to start school again. But I am scared if his lack of motivation and depression will affect our relationship.

Also please no hate! We just need a lot of support right now.
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Thanks guys for all your help! I have decided not to contact his mom and give him all the support he needs in stead. He knows that if the situation gets too much he will move out. Things might sort out by themselves as well. His family really likes me and I am scared to ruin this.
Is it a good idea to contact his mom?
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