What should Ella do after being dumped by boyfriend?

One day, there comes a woman named Ella who fight her love for a man. However, her family thinks this man doesn’t love her and was only using their daughter. Ella went out from the house to be with this man but her family took all her money and things and so she went out with nothing. She was told by her family, you’ll see he will left you when you become nothing and you will return home! Don’t be dumb! But she never listened to them. She followed her heart. The company she works with don’t want to terminate her despite of issues she has been facing in. So she continue to work. But lately, her man has become distant and complaining for demands that can’t be met. She gave all her income but maybe it was not enough for them to buy food and guy’s lifestyle. Despite of her struggling, she still gave everything what was left. And so this man who was unsatisfied look for another girl even if this other girl is not as pretty as her. This other girl bullied Ella for being insecure, not helping enough her man and she is bad woman! Ella fight back and said why would I be Insecure? When I am obviously prettier than you and this guy will leave you when all your money are gone! And his boyfriend got mad for fighting back and said you are not really my real angel, your are fake! I need to be practical and I don’t need your small income!. I can’t love you! Sorry.

Ella was devastated and in trauma. She went back to her family and all people had been judging her because they are right.

What should the Ella do?
What should Ella do after being dumped by boyfriend?
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