How to prevent daily arguments?

Hi guys,

whenever I’m dating a guy, we argue nearly all day over nearly evvverrrything every day. I will bring up that something is an issue and I’m already very sad or upset or crying because of the way the guy spoke to me, and they just don’t care. They usually say you need to not do something (that’s completely not related to the topic) and then my topic I’m discussing won’t be a issue. An example is my being tired of guys snipping at me or not spending any time with me...

It’s every time I’m dating a guy and it is ABSOLUTELY EXHAUSTING. ideas to stop the daily arguments?
I fear this will be this way in every relationship I’m in... from now on too
8 mo
I really don’t like being talked down to and heavily judged when people give feedback and I don’t respond well to that
8 mo
I’m gonna be in emotionally abusive relationships forever.
How to prevent daily arguments?
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