Are those red flags?

I’d say that my girlfriend is usually a nice, affectionate person. However, I often find myself in situations where I think that she’s acting pretty selfish.

Money is a big subject in our relationship. At first, I paid most of our bills, but since that’s starting to become expensive, I’d prefer to split or take turns. Still, I often end up paying because someone already spend their money on a shopping trip or expensive cocktails. When I try to discuss this issue, she refuses to give a statement and makes more demands, e. g. she forgot her jacket and wants mine (“I have x bucks with me , but if that’s not enough, you always have money with you.” - “What do you mean, you only have x bucks with you tonight? I thought it was your turn to pay?” - “And I forgot to bring my jacket.”)

She’s not even actively engaged in our conversations, unless it’s convenient for her, e. g. compliments. It’s weird because we have a similar group of friends, so we shouldn’t struggle to keep a conversation going. Sometimes she’s being overly affectionate (kissing, jumping on my lap, smiling) and then she just goes cold during conversation.

I really don’t know what to think about this whole situation. Hope you can help :)
Are those red flags?
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