What would you give up for your other half?

SO recently my partner and I was sitting down and talking about our future. And getting into the bigger topics like marriage and kids. Now before I continue ill give some background on it all

Beautiful man. Absolutely an genuine kind harted man. Works 48h weeks. Brings flowers to my house every Friday after work that he picked himself out of the garden of ither his house or his moms greenhouse.
2x big past relationships.
2x daughters from his first relationship.
0 debts

But has a criminal record and is a recovered drug addict

4x big past relationships
0x kids
10k in student loans

No criminal record tho I am a sex addict (yes he knows)

Now I have met the girls and I love them as if they are my own and I'm not scared to tell them off if they are naughty but they do have me wraped around their fingers.

So in our big talk he asked me if I ever wanted any kids and would want to get married.
well I have not told him that I can't have any coz its a really sensitive matter. As I have really bad medical conditions that can cost me my life if I do fall pregnant. I have had 3 miscarriages. After that had a surgery to remove some eggs and freeze them for one day... and have been on all kinds of contraception ever since. I said that I would love to have one maybe one day and he said that he does not want more kids. At all as in ever. Tho he will be more than happy to get married and settle down with me and his 2 kids. i guess I would have just liked the option.

Is it unreasonable for me to feel heartbroken over this?

Should I tell him about the eggs that I have had surgeons remove so I have that option?

What have you ever need to sacrifice of your hopes and dreams for the person you love?

Picture is from our last date that was a picnic and a hike to a waterfall
What would you give up for your other half?
What would you give up for your other half?
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