Question 1: based on the first half, am I a bad friend? question 2: what should I do?

the guy i like had a crush on my best friend so i set them up, she was kinda cold towards him so he always talked to me about it and asks for advice since im her close friends. i would always tell him what to do and what not to do, they broke up a couple of times and i always helped them get back. after they broke up for real my friend blamed me, she wanted to see our dms, whatsapp texts and everything. i showed her, but she started acting colder towards me. she wouldn't hang out with me anymore, say she's busy everytime i text her and get mad at everything i do. so one time i ran into her ex (the guy i like) and we started hanging out, i asked one of our mutual friends if its okay to hang out wih him and she said its fine. so we started hanging out more and at that point my friend wasn't even talking to me, untill i posted a story on insta w/ him. she yelled at me and told me were not friend anymore.
after a while the guy i like started taking about how important it is to tell the person u like that u like them, he said if a friend of his said they liked him hed be okay with it and that it doesn't have to be weird between them. he talked about this for a whole week so i decided to tell him, he said he wasn't ready to date because he was still getting over my friend, he said he only liked me as a friend and asked if we could keep things normal (?) than i found out that he knew i liked him from the begining... we stayed friends after that but it was almost like were dating. we were almost always together, we used to text whenever we werent, wed watch movies, funny yt vids, listen to music etc. on rabbit. after a year he got a girlfriend and introduced me to her than apologized again and said im like a sister to him. i really like hanging out with but my friends say its toxic because its also really painful... is he a bad person and should i stop talking to him?
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Thanks guys, I was really stressing out about this, as most of you said, I do have a great relationship with him, but he got a girlfriend and hanging out with him is getting kinda painful so I decided I should stop talking to him. Again, thanks for taking time out to help me 😊😊
Question 1: based on the first half, am I a bad friend? question 2: what should I do?
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