Ladies Opinions please I’m super pissed off at pig fiance?

Hey guys so I just caught a group chat on my fiancés phone between him and two coworkers. While m boyfriend was asleep he received videos and pictures of naked women. My boyfriend says they always send him stupid things and always deletes his messages between them. he denied it being naked women and even once accused me of being one of those local girls in the pictures hisfriend sent him he bursted crying thinking it was me having sex with someone else. I told him to never again receive dumb shit from his friends I found it super disrespectful that he never stopped and he knows it makes me think my boyfriend is a pig. I’m angry and just would like to hear what you would have done? We have a babygirl and I hate thinking my fiancé is a pig and disrespecting our beautiful little family What would you do? Need to get my anger out? ..
8 mo
soooo I got over it after I made sure he knewmuch it truly bothered me him receiving those things. He said his co workers wouldn’t stop so on his account he blocked his co workers done deal thanks every one !! I really just needed to vent !!!
Ladies Opinions please I’m super pissed off at pig fiance?
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