I'm in love with my meth addicted ex?

So I have an ex boyfriend who is the love of my life, the only thing that stops me from being with him is the fact that he's addicted to meth.

I have been with my current boyfriend for close to 4 years now, about a year ago we briefly broke up for about 2 months. During that time, I met this boy who I loved to bits, we had a very short lived passionate relationship and he was perfect for me in every way. I found out he was addicted to meth, I ended up going back to my current boyfriend now.

I love my boyfriend, but I just still have such passionate feelings for my ex. It's been a year since I was with him but I still often think about him and wonder what it could've been.

I just wonder if it's even worth staying with my current boyfriend, considering I have more passionate feelings for someone else. I wouldn't get back together with the other guy, he would need to be sober. I can see myself having a future with my current boyfriend, we are saving up for a house together etc. Am I doing the right thing?
Im in love with my meth addicted ex?
I'm in love with my meth addicted ex?
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