He said he wants a relationship but then asked for space and I’m confused?

I’ve been seeing this guy for about a year. Neither of us wanted a relationship and I was happy with the “situationship” we have. We basically did relationship things just without the label. Long story short he had to go away for work for a few months and I was nervous about it but things were going perfectly and he was showing so much interest and affection. Obviously he had to come back home due to COVID-19 and isolate by himself and this is where it all started. He started saying he was feeling depressed being alone in his apartment and he started to reply to my texts less. Once he could go back home things improved but he still wasn’t as affectionate. Last night I asked if he was okay and he told me he doesn’t know how he feels about us because we’ve been at a “stand still” for awhile. He then broke it to me that lately he realised he wants a relationship? I told him I had no idea and he should have told me and he said he knows he should of it’s just confusing him and he was scared to tell me. But then he basically said he isn’t missing me anymore and needs time to think about what he wants. I’m incredibly confused. Why would he tell me he wants a relationship with me and then suddenly say he isn’t missing me as much and needs space? We agreed that a weeks break is fine and that he will tell me how he feels then. I really like this guy and the 2 days I’ve had to think have me thinking that maybe a relationship would be nice? What does this mean please help. Is he trying to get me to change my mind on wanting a relationship or is it his way out? I felt confident before but now that I’m realising how much I like him I’m scared. What should I do?
He said he wants a relationship but then asked for space and I’m confused?
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