Was my Ex Boyfriend a Narcissist?

Was my Ex Boyfriend a Narcissist?
When I first met him, he was very charming and aggressive with sex. During our relationship, I still saw him chatting other girls but I trusted him when he said they are just friends.

When we stayed together, he is so demanding like I have to pay half for the rent and electricity if not he will get mad at me insulting me with “Irresponsible.” He was also asking me to have a bank loan for him to make business but I was afraid and said no and so He insulted me again with “Useless.” Until, he talk to other girls and I begin to question him again, he said he is looking for an investor in order to make business. He is so desperate to have a business. He once said I found 3 girls and I will use them to loan To make business.

He is a big smoker and sometimes doesn’t care if I am around. He drink alcohol a lot and even cheated behind my back when I am in office he sleeps with other girls at home.

He doesn’t really care about me. He get offended if I don’t grocery or buy him food. But he never ask if I eat after work or if he wants me to get from office. Sometimes he did but only to give money for his fuel and even buy some cigarettes.

Until I become empty like I have nothing to offer to him. He left me for another girl and said I can’t take care of his needs.
how come he did this to me like he is a heartless human?
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+1 y
He use some drugs too like marijuana and ecstasy. I tried to stop him but he can’t
+1 y
I can’t understand myself, he treats me bad but I can’t leave him.
Was my Ex Boyfriend a Narcissist?
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