Am I too picky? Guys what are your views on relationships nowadays?

So I'm single. I'm only almost 21 years old. Normally, I would be in a relationship and it all came so much more easily to me in the past, quite possibly because I would just settle? But these days, with all the experience that I've had in my past relationships it's really helped me grow and to really realize what I want and don't want. This has almost become a problem because I've become so picky. I go on dates quite a bit but I find myself not being interested for more than a week. I was always in such long term relationships in my short life. It's definitely not that it's necessarily a bad thing at all either, but I just feel like my relationships with guys are getting shorter and shorter. I feel like real love is hard to come by these days. I know a lot of people say that your 20's are really a time to have fun and I am enjoying being single and what not but I almost enjoy being in a relationship more and its just kind of the type of person that I am. I'm not looking but I can't help but wonder when I go on a date, if this will be the guy. So far, no luck. I try not to expect anything of it and just think w/e we're just chillin but you can't help but wonder! I'm a sucker for love. I also always think that most guys these days are only single cause their past relationship sucked and they can't handle another (one especially at my age) Or they're too desperate and clingy! why is there no in between? I feel like most people don't want to be in a relationship these days because they find it to all be so stressul. But who is to say that the relationship has to be stressful? Not all girls are the same. I feel like all guys want to do is have fun at this point! But even with the older guys its like they haven't matured enough either to actually be in a legit relationship. Its hard for me to have feelings for just anybody and I'm just wondering am I being too picky? Or is that a good thing? And guys what are your views on relationships these days?
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Just to make it clear here...I'm actually a really chillin girl and do not expect much from a guy. As a matter of fact I've done more for the guys in my relationships than they have for me x a million. I'm not a gold digger by any means. I wasn't raised that way. I give more than I recieve. I would appreciate it if people didn't judge so quickly when answering the question!
Am I too picky? Guys what are your views on relationships nowadays?
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