She came back for the third time. Will she stay?

So 3 years ago i got in a relationship with this girl and each time i want to see her something happens or she gives an excuse (a lame excuse sometimes) such as i fell asleep or I don't know what and we don't go out, after that she leaves. She came back after a year and did the same shit and left again. A week ago, she came back and called me we had a little talk and she wanted to see me and we finally got to meet. She wanted us to get back together but i was like why? You left me 2 times for no reasons and stood me up. Why now you agreed to see me and want us back? She said that she only loved once in her life and she was afraid to fall in love again that's she didn't want to see me. But now she won't leave and she's ready and she really loves me. I slept over at her place and she was so nice and lovable. She changed all her profile pics to my pics on all her social media account and even told her mom about me. Do you think she's being honest this time? For me i feel that this time it's really serious and things could work out good for the both of us. What do you think?
She came back for the third time. Will she stay?
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