Am I being disrespected or am I overreacting?

Let's say you and your significant other (S. O.) are serious. During the 'talking' stage of the relationship, where you're friends but there's definitely something more, you find out they also had a small crush on someone else, but they end up being used and essentially getting screwed over. You end up with the person and you guys are happy and things are going well. Until you find out your S. O. is still talking to the other person. (At first, it wasn't that much of a big deal to me, I tried being nice to this person, hung out with them, and got to know them a tiny bit and accept their friendship.) But then this person and your S. O. talk * every day*. You begin to feel jealous, but don't say anything for a while. After a few months, the jealousy increases and takes its toll on you, and you finally sit your significant other down and tell them how you're feeling. They don't listen. Throughout the next few weeks, you're trying to explain to them that it makes you feel uncomfortable, that you don't like this other person, and that you don't like the idea of them being so involved in their life. They don't say much and shrug it off and assure you there's nothing going on. After a few more days, it becomes so much of an issue that your S. O. needs a break, and you guys briefly break up. After about a week, you find out that this other person tried to get with your ex, but they rejected it. You're pissed beyond belief. You and your S. O. work through problems and get back together, but yet, they're STILL talking to this bitch. It's not that they're just replying to be nice or because they feel obligated because they also text first. I have tried everything in the book, civil conversations about how I feel uncomfortable and don't want them talking, playing petty, full-on arguments and angry texting, and I don't know what else to do. Am I being disrespected or am I overreacting? Is this an okay time to tell your S. O they cannot talk to someone anymore?
Am I being disrespected or am I overreacting?
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