Cheating partner won't agree to communicate?

My partner has cheated on me 2 of the 3 years we were together. And he never fucked another girl or kissed them (I dont think) but cheating as in he had tinder, texted other girls, talked on the phone with another girl (she sent him pic of herself like wtf), he even texted another girl from tinder "baby" and "I'm worth it", he also changed a girls name in his phone to a boys name and straight up lied to my face, ANND his baby momma would ask for sex and he NEVER TOLD ME about that, and she came over his house and there were some days he wouldn't tell me about that. So I don't know if he was lying about not fucking her or not. So he's done a lot to me. As of recent he hasn't done anything I hope lol, all I asked for was some communication, tell me if he's texting his baby momma or doing other shit ya know. GAIN TRUST. And today he literally accidentally texted me something for her and when I got mad at him, he got mad at me saying I'm psycho with insecurities. Now I haven't shared EVERY cheating thing he's done, it would be way too long, but please let me know if I'm being psycho or if I have a right to ask for communication. He's my first boyfriend, so I don't know what to do.
Cheating partner won't agree to communicate?
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