Should cheating on your partner be against the law?

If solid proof was required to prove your partner cheated on you (post marked video tape, beyond word of mouth, solid proof, perhaps multiple sources of proof required, as well as solid proof you two are together, very solid proof on all ends). Specifically sexual physical contact. And if alchohol is involved, someone, will still be responsible be it the "other man or woman" or your partner.

The law varying in degrees of marriage or boyfriend/girlfriend. So it may simply be documented in public record, with no fines, on something small, being oral or intercourse. Kissing and hugs and light forms excluded. Solid cheating proof only. Your partner going "all the way" and heavily proved, with heavy proof of being together as monogamous and still together. So in general be difficult to prove cases, however,

If it is proved, that partner is penalized based on various factors (you fill in the blank) I'll put in some fillers:

-Based on married or not,
-Length of relationship
-Perhaps disqualify if the two have broken off many times in relationship, which confuses whether they were together.
-(add yours here, or change it all)

However it would be accomplished fairly, be it not the way said above, in "general", do you feel:
"Should cheating on your partner be against the law?" Yes, or No.
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I want make clear. This law would pertain to both married and non married individuals (boyfriend/girlfriend pertains to law aswell, but not "just dating", needs be relationship), above age of consent. So once you have passed the stage of 18 or older, then it starts.
Should cheating on your partner be against the law?
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