Slutty and toxic girlfriend?

Im seriously reconsidering my relationship with this girl. We ve been together for almost a year now. We were friends before but I never liked her. I was in love with someone else but when that chapter was closed due to my faults, I decided to move on to my current girlfriend because she was quite seductive and helping at that time.

My girlfriend is an sjw Feminazi. Not a feminist. I'm a feminist too but she's a volatile, aggressive and argumentative one who believes her pussy her rules and will argue, unfollow, unfriend and scream when doesn't get her way. she's also extremely cliquey and will not talk to anyone except her clique. The only thing that she will say to the rest is "Hey". She is quite arrogant and rude to anyone who disagrees with her views.

Is obsessed with sex and good looking guys. Girls like me and they say I'm good looking and I think I look good.
She indulges into a lot of oral sex with me including bdsm and eroticism. Has friends who openly post pictures of their partners with bruises after bdsm and she herself likes pages on facebook related to sex and bdsm publicly.

she's bisexual so she even goes to nude body massage parlours with other women who will massage each other with oils.

Her style of dressing is strange. She is not feminine or girly at all. Instead mostly wears clothes like a tomboy like trousers, jackets but has this weird obsession with showing her cleavage. she's extremely skinny so her boobs are pretty small but she will wear padded bras and inserts to show off the cleavage and even at university, she will wear low cut tops or blouses, which expose her clevage.

she's not pretty at all. She looks okay but she looks like she has a permanent morbid look on her face. I dont know but just looking at her makes me feel negative. There is no spark, no attraction or no personality at all. she's just I dont know but extremely dull in her overall personality.

On top of it, she hates my country and wants it destroyed.
What should I do?
Slutty and toxic girlfriend?
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