Why is my boyfriend treating me like this?

My boyfriend used to be so sweet to me and we had a lot of fun together, but after awhile I felt like I was walking on eggshells around him because a lot of things I said made him mad for no reason.My boyfriend started telling me what to wear he told me not to wear heels , tanktops , or dresses when I would wear a tanktop he would make me wear a sweater over it even if we were in his truck.

My boyfriend would grab my phone go through it, and delete numbers off my phone , he would say I wore too much perfume , and that he needed a gas mask around me , and when we went to the mall I would go to try on a small shirt and he would say your not a small and was always controlling,

Well last night he asked me if he could come over. I said not tonight but tomorrow night you can cause I am busy tonight.Well he kept demanding that he come over tonight he was like I'm coming over now what time should I pick you up.I was like not tonight he was like yes tonight.Well then

My best friend said he messaged her on facebook (he doesn't know my friend never met her or talked to her).He told her that me and him were no longer together that for her to give him her number so he could call and explain what happened.Well

He told her that I was immature , not his type , that I asked too many questions and all this stuff.and then I called him and was telling him off and he said I don't know why your acting this way and making it seem like I had no reason to be mad.Well I told my friend to just ignore him

and then he kept texting her and texting me he texted me today and told me that I was startting to much drama and that him and my friend were going to be friends and that I needed to stay out of it. I told him why of all the girls in this town do you have to talk to my best friend and he then said you can't control what your friends do (which he is the controlling one) and then he said fine I'm sorry I won't talk to your friend and I am sorry and now he is acting like nothing happened. What is wrong with him? why is he doing this to me?He keeps texting me also!
Why is my boyfriend treating me like this?
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