I know it is long, but can you read it and tell me your opinion?

I really need to share my story here. I haven't had the guts to tell the whole truth to someone else. I was in a 4 year relationship. It was very toxic for me. My boyfriend came from a well known rich family in my town and I was coming from a poor family while my dad has depression. I knew I have these in my life. His father was always pointing them out and worried that his son will suffer a lot with me as I dont know what a "normal" family is. He is worried that since I am coming from a poor family, his son will suffer and by the way I am working my ass off at university to become a Medical Physics Expert. He was always worried and always put me down. From the age of 15 I had all those worries that I am not going to make it and how I am going to have a home. At the age of 15!! I should have been enjoying life with friends at that age. I couldnt take it any longer and I decided to take a break from the relationship. At the meantime my boy best friend from university, we were getting very close, and while I was on break with my boyfriend he kissed me. With him I always felt my age and felt just me and happy. Something I haven't felt for a long time. I loved my boyfriend too much and thus was so confused. His parents practically then forced me to go back as they kept running after me. I wasn't as strong as I am now and I fell in their trap using their words (they wanted me with him again cause they always tried to changed me making me perfect for their son, and they knew he loved me). He never stood up to me even when he saw me crying my eyes out. After just one day of going back with him , my best friend came to my house and took me for a ride and we kissed again. And that is when I made the terrible mistake, as at that moment I cheated. They spread it across town. Nowadays I am no longer with him and have been in a 7 months relationship with this bestfriend and I am very happy. But I still can't stop thinking about what I did and I still feel bad about it.
I know it is long, but can you read it and tell me your opinion?
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