What are your standards for a partner?

Are they simple? As in, are they things which anyone can relatively easily achieve but choose not to or are they things which are more rigid like genetics? I am asking standards, not wants. Standards can be defined as wants you are not willing to negotiate much on, wants more as things you would prefer but can afford to not have. Standards should also mean that if a partner satisfies your basic standards they should be datable and considered datable.

Apparently the prespective is guys are more lose with their standards and would be will to date more or less anyone decent (even if they are not perticularly good looking or physically attractive), but girls are more selective. I am not sure I have much of an opinion so asking you guys...
Just to add to the question, what are the things you can't compromise on?

Inspired by my chat/conversation with @Thatsamazing

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What are your standards for a partner?
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