How do I know whether my ex will come back?

Me and my ex just broke up after being about 6months together.

When we broke up, she said things such as "I dont want to leave you" and things such as "as much as I want to be with you, I'm can't until you can learn to love yourself, I dont think you're ready for a relationship yet". "I won't ever just leave you. I will still be here like we were before. Just minus the girlfriend/boyfriend".

But then after she started I guess being more negative than hopeful saying things such as "I won't always be here for you so you gotta learn to do things different ways" and stuff such as "I'm drained. I dont know if I can love you the same like I did before".

She ended it by saying "If fate allows us to be together again then I'm happy and will gladly be with you again. But it it doesn't that just probably means we were never meant to be. I hope you won't stay safe and take care of yourself".

Like all in all, I'm just confused as to whether at this point I should just move on or still wish for her to come back. We were getting along and so close together but I just don't understand why she decided to bring it up suddenly today instead of talking about it earlier and just ending it and wanting to be still here for me.

And I dont understand what she means in general. Is she saying she's willing to try it out again once I become better? Or is she just saying stuff to make me feel better?

(Oh and also. This is my first serious relationship that I've ever had since all previous ones were forced onto me by my parents. Grew up in strict Asian household by the way.)
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We both really loved each other and cared for each other so I'm just confused and distraught at why she would just throw all of it away.
How do I know whether my ex will come back?
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