Why do my mother and sister hate on my relationship so badly?

From the beginning my sister couldn’t believe I met someone who wanted to be with me no games or anything. She was negative from the start.

She was single two different baby dads , an she went through domestic violence and having a useless baby dad. Years later she’s thirty soon. An is unmarried and single.

I always felt like when she was dating it was encouraged and seen as great but with me it’s like I was always wrong for doing it. Which I found strange.

Me and my partner have had some issues since lockdown. She questioned me saying how long as it been like this an I said only recently past few months. I could tell she didn’t want to believe that an wanted to insinuate it’s been much longer.

When we once got engaged my mom and sister seemed heavily bitter and didn’t wish me well. My sister said she thinks I am controlled, she’s always wanted to think this but it’s not the case. She even asked if he controlled my food which was odd.

On the phone she said she thinks my relationship has come to an end and don’t hold on too long like to say I have. Her relationship was 7 years mines been 4 . So I didn’t get her logic there at all.

She then even made out that he’s cheating on me and said don’t be naive but I know we don’t have that type of relationship where I would think he would as I know he’s really open. He went out yesterday to see friends and she would say hmm but where is he.

It’s almost like they want to think it’s completely awful, so they feel better about their lives. My mother is married and miserable and she is single. They say things like he’s holding you back etc, I see my moms eyes light up as we are having issues.

My sister said he don’t care about you or support you but they don’t know my relationship like I do. They also say it wasn’t supposed to last forever we are not life partners. Then they like when your ready to let go you will know.
9 mo
An they say when your out of it you will be like what was I thinking. I feel like they are poisonous witches they was never happy for me this whole time. An want my family to break. My moms in a lifeless marriage and she’s alone. So she would rather not see her younger sister in something. They want me to have the same life they have drinking eating gossiping and living in a council house.
9 mo
They also say my son will know no different if I am single and not with his dad. I just don’t see why they would t encourage my family to work.
Why do my mother and sister hate on my relationship so badly?
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