My ex-bf is going to meet up with his friend’s girlfriend and he doesn’t want me to join them?

Me and him broke up recently on good terms and we are still hanging out/hooking up. I’m ok with the idea of him sleeping with someone else but obvs not our mutual friends.

He has a friend who’s currently away in another country and won’t be back for some 6 months and he and his girlfriend have been going through a rough patch recently and *might* have broken up.

She messaged my guy when I was sitting next to him letting him know that she cancelled her trip to visit her boyfriend and asking him if he wants to hang out and do drugs together instead. He agreed and just cancelled the plans we have later this evening. I asked whether I could join hanging with them as I met the girl before when we went on a few double dates. He rejected my suggestion because he said he wants to talk to her about our break up 1:1. I brought up the fact that that’s weird considering they aren’t close friends but he just dismissed my comments. I also told him his friend might find it weird that he is hanging out with his girlfriend behind his back but he said ‘idk maybe.’

Obviously, I can’t know whether something will actually happen but I have a feeling that if the girl does initiate anything my guy would not stop her. So it feels like the past 4 years me and him had together would be in the palm of her hand.

I obviously still like him and even though I’m ok with the idea of either of us hooking up with other people, the idea of it potentially being someone I know makes me sick. He could tell that I am quite distressed by the idea of them hanging out like that but he is still due to see her later today. I haven’t yet seen anyone since we ‘broke up’ because I wanted to give it time so not to hurt his feelings and then find someone that is ‘out of sight’. Of course I expected that favour to be reciprocated.

How should I proceed?
My ex-bf is going to meet up with his friend’s girlfriend and he doesn’t want me to join them?
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