Should I tell her what I said?

I was talking to this girl I really like and have a lot of things in common with and we can talk about basically anything and she even talks to me about some things she can't normally all about with others.

Earlier this year I told her that I really liked her and all that stuff, and she completely ignored what I said and we didn't really talk for about a month.

Things went back to normal, and we were talking about relationships and stuff today, and I mentioned I sometimes say things I probably shouldn't or look at a relationship the wrong way, and referenced the comment I made that I liked her.

She said she actually doesn't remember what I said at all, and what we were doing when I said that. And she said I could tell her what I said if I wanted to.

But I dunno, I'm conflicted on actually telling her I like her again. As I feel I got a chance to save my friendship but she seems genuine when she says she doesn't remember.
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Should I tell her what I said?
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