Sorry this will be a long post. What should I do?

There’s more in the comment section. Please read the entire post before answering. My question is what should I do about my ex and his girlfriend stalking and harassing me online.
Before anyone says contact the police, I already did. They legally cannot do anything unless they threaten me, or harm me.

First I want you to know that I haven’t met his girlfriend. I haven’t seen her in person.

From the very beginning (2017) of my ex and his girlfriend relationship they have been taunting me, 3 years later they are still taunting me. They’ve played on my phone (I’ve changed my number), she left me weird voicemails, they’ve made fake instagram pages to watch my stories, & message me. I’ve deleted my instagram 3 or 4 times and made new ones they’ve found them, despite me blocking them before posting anything. The girlfriend had her friends, and relatives watch my instagram story (I’ve blocked all of them). They would use an app that lets you make calls, instead of showing your number you can put someone else’s number. I found this out because I would call the numbers back and the people would be completely confused when I told them I had a miss call from them. One man said he didn’t use his phone at all that day. Another was a business. Another was a law firm. In 2018 she sent me half naked pictures of herself asking me if I wanted to join them (DISGUSTING)! In 2019 I asked my ex why are they doing this. He’d lie and say he has nothing to do with it. I know it’s a lie because before I asked him that, I texted him from a texting app asking him what do I have to do to get them to let me alone. He didn’t respond, yet hours later I received a text message from his girlfriend taunting me. I didn’t use that number to contact anyone else, besides him. In 2018 he posted a picture he took of himself, with a big pit bull, in the parking lot of my old job (the job I worked at while we were together).
1 y
In 2017 he went to the gym I used to go to while we were together and took a video in the parking lot. Throughout this time they’re making fakes pages messaging/requesting me, making fake facebook accounts messaging/requesting me. And they made a fake page of some guy, using my boyfriend’s first & last name and requested him. They also made a page of my first & middle name and requested my boyfriend. When they post on their instagram timeline they’d make the caption about me.
1 y
Once I started working in the city, he’d tag his location of his post as the city, but the picture was taken in his bathroom at his house. (I don’t know how he knew I was working out there. I didn’t post my personal information online). She’d copy videos I post of myself, how I take my pictures, how I wear my hair. She also screen recorded a video I posted of myself on my instagram, and posted it on her instagram. In 2018 My older brother tried to talk to them, all they did was threaten him.
Sorry this will be a long post. What should I do?
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