Am I in the wrong? (Parenting question)?

I just want to know if I’m wrong. I was in a very abusive relationship with my daughters dad for a pretty long time. I finally decided to leave him when she was 2 because of it. She’s 3 1/2 now. I try my hardest to co parent with him peacefully. I’m very communicative with him but he’s not. He continues to abuse me while we’re co parenting but verbally mentally and emotionally and I don’t feel like I deserve that. He lives 2 hrs away and lies about where he lives now. Before he stayed with a friend and I was fine with my daughter being over there because I knew them. But now he’s lying about living there. Now I find out he’s living with some older lady that he’s using for her money and a home. And he had my daughter there for days and would ignore me and wouldn’t answer my calls the day I was supposed to pick her up. I had a panic attack because I went to the house he was living at (he swore he still lived there) and they told me he moved out a while ago. I didn't know where My daughter was. His phone was off for a day and a half. I just feel like I at least have a right to know where he’s staying at if she’s going to be with him over the weekend, 2 hrs away (he has no family there). He doesn’t work by the way (according to him he hustles) and gives me NO money. He’s abusive in that way also. He says he doesn’t need to give me sh** and laughs. It’s just ridiculous. Yes, I was young and dumb. Yes, I chose to have a kid with him. And yes, I thought that maybe He would at least just be mature if we split up. I guess my point is that. he’s still denying that he lives with this woman that his family told me he lives with and even my daughter said it (she’s big enough). And makes me out to be crazy.. refuses to even tell me where he lives.. and I told him if he can’t be mature enough to understand that I just want to know where my daughter is staying because it’s 2 hrs away in case something happens then She’s not going over there. Is it wrong of me to be like that?
Am I in the wrong? (Parenting question)?
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