My fiance wanted some "time away"?

My fiance and I had been together for 4 years, engaged for 1, and had been having some rough times, a lull in the intimacy department for awhile, and it looked as though things might not be lasting long as of a week ago. He had told me he didn't know if he could try and work things out. Over the past week he looked like he was opening up a bit more finally, conversation was more normal. We were sleeping in the same bed again, and he was back to giving me kisses before work and bed. We even had one night where he surprised me by initiating things in the bedroom, although we did have a couple drinks in our system. He had also reminded me to turn in our RSVP to a friends wedding in June, which made me hopeful in that we were still keeping some plans in the future. We also are still going ahead with our trip to vegas in a little over a week.

Yesterday afternoon he sprung on me the fact that he wanted a weekend to spend some time away. Although this made me very uneasy as I want time to fix things with him, I put on my best face and told him that it would be a good idea and healthy for use to spend a little time apart. He told me he would be going to chicago which is 200 some miles away. And that he might stay with a guy he used to work and room with, but hadn't made exact plans from what I undertstood. He had been texting me with small talk throughout the day yesterday while I was at work before he left. After I got out I sent him a text hoping that he has a safe drive, told him I loved him and that I would be thinking about him. He never responded back last night and hasn't said anything to me today. I'm going crazy not knowing what is going on or what he really is doing as things seemed to be going in a better direction the last few days.

Not sure if I am handling this the right way or what to think? Thoughts?
My fiance wanted some "time away"?
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