Can I be mad that his replies are long?

I’ve only been talking to this guy for like 2 weeks. His replies are long though like he can take so long, he is really busy and our routines are different since he does night shifts and stuff and is just so busy during the day. But when he does reply he makes it worth it, he sends huge paragraphs and always apologies, and then we just bounce of each other and talk for agies when he’s not busy. He always just seems so interested and makes such good conversation. But sometimes he’s so busy he can take Hours. I understand he’s not my boyfriend and we haven’t even met yet but when we do meet do you think I can bring this up to him or will it scare him off?
3 mo
I think I worded this wrong. I mean to say would it scare him away if I spoken to him about it since we aren’t even a couple yet
Can I be mad that his replies are long?
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