Should my boyfriend say something to his friend? Am I overreacting?

My boyfriend had a event at his shop and of course he invited his friends. One of his male friends has had some type of problem with me since the first day we met 6yrs ago. His problem was due to the fact that he wanted to have a convo about something that was inappropriate which I wasn’t interested in having since I was just meeting him. Anyway at the event we were having a conversation that was going well until he said “I’m the last person who wants to see y’all together”. I asked him what his problem with me was he said “I love my mans and I want him to be with someone who actually loves him”. It’s been 6yrs that me and my boyfriend have been together I’ve never cheated on him I help him with everything thing I’ve even helped him raise his son I’ve been a true ride of die though we’ve had problem like every other relationship I haven’t left his side so I’m very confused. I told my boyfriend about the conversation and he responded “Who is he his opinion doesn’t matter”. But they’re really close friends they’ve known each other since elementary school and I think he should say something to him about it because it’s not his place. I think he should let him know that at the end of the day he loves me and is going to be with me so his friend should respect it. When I told my boyfriend I think he should talk to him about it he got angry with me and said “You guys don’t like each other it’s not that serious”. What do you guys think?
Should my boyfriend say something to his friend? Am I overreacting?
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