Was this my fault?

i was talking to a guy for about 4 months. he was 24 i was 20. this was like two months ago. i was always worried about this one girl he was always hanging around, but ended it because he didn't treat me right. just mean to me some days and didn't care to understand me sometimes. it was on his terms to be exclusive. and i just found out the first month and a half we were together he was fucking another girl. ended it with her because she wanted a relationship. and the last two months we were together he was fucking someone else, she would sleepover and hangout and everything. they are still together to this day. i can't help but to think i did something wrong. my last boyfriend cheated on me with his ex too.. not to sound self centered but i'm a very attractive girl. every single one of his friends told me i'm the hottest one his friend has ever got with. we always had fun and laughed and got along well. i just don't get why two guys back to back would cheat. starting to think it's my fault & im doing something wrong
Was this my fault?
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