Why am I so afraid to shine and show my gifts?

I’ve always been cautious of the fact that others get jealous of others natural gifts or just accomplishments in general. So I would usually hide good news I had or gifts I was born with or just items I had received as gifts. I am not flashy or showy and don’t like to think I am better than anyone, smarter, wiser, more mature or anything else. Others have complimented me on my maturity and being wise/ old soul since I was a teen ( I never really investigated this and never really cared about why they told me this) but I’ve noticed that others began to down play or slightly try to criticize the fact that I have wisdom or I am intelligent. I get very uncomfortable around people like this and makes me want to just keep to myself. How do I stop thinking so much about this and not be afraid to shine the way I’ve been made?
Why am I so afraid to shine and show my gifts?
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