Am I the asshole?

I work in a donut shop where I do everything besides sell the donuts. The amount of yeast I do on Thursdays lately has been around 24 pounds. I was just told less than an hour ago the amount of yeast for tonight is 54 pounds. I’m not used to doing this much alone (It’s a small business and I have no other coworkers, I am the only one on payroll). My boss has given me the green light to have my boyfriend help me, which he never does. Now comes the issue.

I ask him and he begins to get an attitude and take it on me. He asks “Why me?” I tell him they don’t have anyone to come and I don’t have anyone else I can ask to help me. If I did, I would to avoid the blowback and then subsequently feeling like crap for asking. He’s saying things like “I didn’t ask for this shit,” and is listing off the things he has to do for the day, (homework and mowing - mowing he can put off, the homework isn’t due until 10pm and it’s 1 right now). I try to tell him I have stuff to do too, which makes it more difficult on me that I’m being put in this position with no help to do it. His response is “What do you have to do?” and has his hands on his hips and sounds like he’s talking down to me. He says “It’s your job,” to which I reply that doesn’t make it any easier or help me. I get upset and start to cry and he accuses me of being angry at him for not simply “rolling over and doing it like a doormat, no questions asked,” to which I say no, I am upset because I ask for help and feel like I’m being lashed out at and attacked, and whenever he asks me for help - no matter what it is - I do it, and I surely don’t make him feel bad for asking. This is a recurrent issue in our relationship with any time I ask him to do something, even if it’s just coming to the store with me, it’s like pulling teeth and I end up feeling bad for asking and usually end up crying.

Am I the asshole for wanting my boyfriend’s support and help with things? I genuinely don’t know what to do anymore.
Am I the asshole?
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