II broke up with him, should I feel bad?

-I'm pregnant
-I been having and down mood swings, I'm very sensitive and I do take things to heart lately.
-I try to open to him about thing, like how I'm feeling, depression, and suicidal thoughts.
- He tell me that im ruin his day talking about this and he doesn't want to listen. Even if I saying it in a calm way, he still gets defensive.
- He told me that I should always be happy like him, and he wants a person thats always happy.
-I try to be Happy everyday, but this pregnancy kicks my butt sometimes.
- We are long distance right now, I had to move back to NC for work He still in NY.
-Our plans was to get a place in NC, but he decided he wants to stay in NY, I said why? He said since he's a black man he will get killed in the south. (Which is the dumbest excuse)
-So he haven't came to visit me in 2 months.
-So I asked how about I move back up there, he said that I have mood changes and I'm bringing drama. That he would send money when the child gets here.
-If we have a disagreement, he might stop talking to me for days, and that makes me cry.
- That made me feel low. He calls me Bipolar, Delusional. Because I asked him if it was another women (that was wrong on my part)
- We talk in the morning on the phone for a little until he goes out to the corner and sell. After that he might send a text around 3am 1 am or 12am... knowing I'm pretty much sleep.
-I had enough of him, so I send him a text saying Its over, I said we can be friends for the child, he didn't reach out.
-I need to focus on myself, I feel alone. Even though I have my family. This pregnacy been hell.
- All his friend is telling me not to give up because he's a really good guy...(no he's selfish.) Thats an act.
II broke up with him, should I feel bad?
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