Does this make me a bad Girlfriend?

My boyfriend and I slept together last night. And I enjoyed it. Being up under him and just enjoying each other’s presence while we slept. We got up this morning and everything was fine. Only thing is I just never been a “Good morning” type of person but that doesn’t mean I didn’t wake up happy and in a good mood which I usually do. The first thing I did this morning was grab my phone to check something very important in my email. It wasn’t to text someone, get on social media or anything, after assuming we both had a good night and slept good he wakes up with bad vibes. Asking me why I’m on my phone, even though he was on his as well, but I was doing something important. Yelling saying “I got a bitch next to me that don’t tell me GoodMorning.” “Even a hoe will tell me that. Get up and fix me breakfast.” Things literally escalated out of nowhere. All of a sudden I don’t motivate him and I’m too quiet. And I’m a “Irritating bitch.” Because I’m not outspoken. I have goals I would like to reach even some I would like to reach with him and I speak up about them here and there. State my ideas and plans but it‘s like outburst like that keeps me quiet around him. I never know if imma gonna say the right or wrong thing. Walking on egg shells. Suddenly my laid back, quiet personality makes him miserable and makes him not attracted to me. When we literally just had a good night.
Does this make me a bad Girlfriend?
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