Do you believe in young love?

One of my students (age 19) is now engaged with her boyfriend *now fiancé* of 5 months. They had been friends for two months before dating but knew of each other (before friendship) for about a year.

Honestly I am extremely happy for them. I am also her “spiritual” mentor and I approved her engagement because I believe she has taken the proper steps to make sure that she is ready. Best part is, I am certain of his devotion to her because most of his life he lived as a Christian boy by title but he willingly educated himself on her (our) religion and has made so many big, positive changes in his life in such a short time. To prove himself to me (the godmother, mentor), her, and himself. Of course they both have plenty of other things they need to take care of before officially being bound together (The engagement is supposed to last a year, minimum) but I have confidence that if they stay on track, they will make a powerful pair of life partners.
In my religion, a commitment like this isn’t always romantic in nature. Life partners can mean anything depending on how the people choose to love each other.
But anyway, they are in love and I’m just so happy for my little bean!!! 😄

Of course most people aren’t optimistic about young love and I can understand why but not everyone’s situation is the same.
13 d
Oh my god I meant to say five months 😂
They got engaged after five (5) months of dating
Still short, but the number 3 was wrong. I’m sorry.
Do you believe in young love?
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