Does his female friend likes him but hiding it?

Hear me out! I have been dating this handsome, lovely & caring guy for 12 months about to be 13 months. Me and him met a an homeschool prom back in 2019 September, he ask me out on October. However, he had told me he have female friends and "I was fine with that" I'm the type of a woman to not be insecure or fight over a man because people come and go, but I had experience past issues with ex's who slept with their female friends behind my back. So let's back track last month this girl always hang around my boyfriend a lot.. my boyfriend said they usually hangout around their friends but what got me was he told me she text him to hang out without her boyfriend and their friends so I got piss and cuss her out. Today I had made plans for my boyfriend "birthday" and she got mad and start calling me a bitch and told my boyfriend they won't be friends anymore she was trying to throw more shade at my boyfriend than me... then she keep on blowing up my phone for no reason.. and then she stalks me
Does his female friend likes him but hiding it?
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