What to do when your parents don't support you?

I married a guy two years ago. We never lived together and we are in a long distance relationship. Our views and career goal don't match. And I have never got the respect and love from the man I expected. So I decided to separate myself from this relationship. My husband is now forcing me to stay and saying he will commit suicide if I don't stay. He also calls my family and makes emotional drama. Now my parents don't support me and they are also forcing me to go back. My mother is sick and she doesn't want to go to doctor because of this situation. My sister says if something happens to my mother she will never forgive me.

I am from a country where religion, tradition and social respect are the most important things even if it kills you. I am going through this whole situation alone and there is no one to support me except some friends. My mother is also abused by my father physically and mentally so I thought at least she will understand me. But she is making me feel like the most bad person in the world. What should I do make my family understand that I can also be happy without a husband?
What to do when your parents don't support you?
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