My girlfriend Doesn't Want to Work on Her Credit?

I am trying to move out with my serious girlfriend and I tried to offer her to open up an account with MoneyLion, take out a credit builder loan ($500), and pay a simple $10.15 a week. She has a score of a flat 0. She refused the offer as "many people" told her that loans are bad and would fuck her. I tried explaining, painfully, so many times that the loan payments are barely noticeable and are there only to build credit.

She'd rather take on a credit card and build that way. I was fine with it and let her try. About 1-2 months later I asked her how it was going and she said it didn't work and she was declined (well what'd she expect?). I brought it up again and it was 100% stubborn refusal. No matter how many times I calmly and frustratingly explained, she refused my offer.

I then explained to her that I want to build a future with someone that wants to work on themselves and she got mad. I really don't want to leave her, especially over something like this, but it is on my mind. What can I do? I feel like I've run out of options. >> I even offered to pay the entire loan down to every last cent. << Still got refused...
My girlfriend Doesnt Want to Work on Her Credit?
My girlfriend Doesn't Want to Work on Her Credit?
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