Do ''Gray People'' exist?

Do Gray People exist?
In the book Momo from Michael Ende, the main antagonists are the Grey Gentlemen who are all the same, look like businessmen smoking cigarettes and cigars and scam humans into giving them their free time under the guise of ''saving it'', which in reality they turn into the cigars and cigarettes they smoke. Without those cigars, they vanish into thin air. By doing this, they turn the people's life grey and make them lose all relationships and friends.
Now, those creatures obviously don't exist IRL, but there are definitely people who make the lives of people around them turn grey.
Do you know any such people?

They are also characterized as being extremely dull and boring, and I admit I got jokingly called a ''Grey Man'' and likened to them from being similarly monotone, chainsmoking and for my style of dress.
Do ''Gray People'' exist?
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