Are you honest enough to point out your negative flaws toward others?

I am not talking about something that you pretend is negative but is actually positive. Like l am so patient that my peers often get mad that I never get inpatient. I am talking about actual negative flaws like impulsive, egotistical, unhealthy , etc.
I'll go first so people could possibly open up. I'll mention at least give things. 1 being my worst quality.
5. Okay this is the only one where you might think its a positive but its not so let me explain.
I work a lot and I barely have time for everything. I think this is negative because it ruins my chances of finding a potential love partner, gives me less time to do things I wanna do, and it makes me exhausted to even express emotions.
4. I shoot myself down from women sometimes even if I am attracted to her because I am afraid she will lose interest in me and become bored of me. To be honest at that point I'd rather be rejected instantly instead of later.
3. I absolutely get extremely frustrated and mad when people talk while they eat.
2. I have an impulsive tendency to call out people who are passive aggressive to me or who sugar coat things to me. Because I usually can tell when someone is sugar coating something towards me.
1. I have been told in real life and strangely caught quite a couple of times in public doing something really nice for someone. When those people who witness and tell me how nice that was for what I did I automatically shut down and tell them in a nice way to please not tell anyone. I have physically and verbally defended people in public. Mostly acquaintances and strangers oddly enough. All of that is fine but what I hate is that despite how nice of a thing I could do for someone and I never ask for a favor in return is that people are so quick to forget how nice you were to them. Sometimes even when you defend them physically. That absolutely makes me go ballistic and makes me angry. I think that still in a way makes seem self entitled or not humble and I hate that about myself.
Are you honest enough to point out your negative flaws toward others?
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I am going to press this button to avoid your question which is another form of deception which by default makes me a liar.
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Are you honest enough to point out your negative flaws toward others?
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