Is my ex trying to sabotage my new relationship?

So my ex and I still live together. We had been together for 2 years then moved in with each other. We got ourselves a flat, with a 12 month tenancy in January. Come early March, I found her cheating on me with a neighbour.

We argued, and split up. We decided to see the tenancy out as we couldn't afford it on our own, and lockdown had hit as well.

She had moved into the guest room, and she banged the neighbour a few more times, but he soon got bored with her.

Things were just about amicable, until I met a new girl last month. Things have been going well, and even my ex was being nice to her. Then one night...

Yeah, me and my girlfriend were cuddled up watching a movie when my ex walked into the room, completely naked. And she acted so nonchalantly about it. Asking if we would like anything from the kitchen while wearing absolutely nothing.

My girlfriend stayed quiet, and in bed later she asked if that happens all the time. I had to reassure her that was the first time since we split, including lockdown. Since that night though, my ex has decided she will be naked ALL THE TIME while at home. Regardless of who is over.

It freaks my new girlfriend out, and she is saying she can't handle it. We were planning on moving in together in the new year, but this one issue is pushing her away. And while my ex claims she is not trying to do that, she has just become a nudist. I find the timing very annoying, and I think its deliberate. Not that I think my ex wants me back, more so that she doesn't want me to have anyone else.

Any ideas what I can do?
Is my ex trying to sabotage my new relationship?
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