Am I in the wrong?

So my boyfriend of 6 months has been deployed for eight months now and he is coming home soon. I’m very excited to see him but the thing is we’ve never met before so not only do I want the first time to be special but I want it to be in a safe and open environment. But he however wants it to be a surprise, he just wants to pop up at the door one day. He knows exactly when he comes back but he refuses to tell me and he knows where I stay because he has sent me things before so he is very capable of popping up whenever, at first I just tried to keep asking hoping he would tell me but I finally snapped and told him it was weird how adamant he was on showing up unexpectedly and that it made not only me but my roommates uncomfortable to know that a man I met over the internet could show up at any time. He is a very sensitive man so I knew After expressing this to him he would be upset, am I wrong about feeling uncomfortable and expressing this to him?
Am I in the wrong?
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