I seem to have developed feelings for my friend with benefits, any advice, please?

Basically, I've had this friend with benefits for a little over a year now. It pretty much started out as both of us just trying to get over our exes at the time. However, I got over my ex a while back and in the meantime, I've found that I've begun to develop genuine feelings for the girl in question. Generally, I'd take my own advice and just confess my feelings to the girl and hope for the best. The only problem is, I don't think she's over her ex yet.

It had been a pretty long time since we'd hung out as I was in the hospital for a few months after a car wreck. So anyway, we started talking again and just the other night we were hanging out at her place drinking, watching movies, and talking about life and all that shit. You see, my near-death experience with the wreck and everything that followed it, I was given a long hard time to think about things and realize what's important and whatnot. And that's when I figured out how I felt about this girl. And I wanted so badly to try and explain all that to her, but as we continued talking, she brought up her ex and how he'd moved away, like over a thousand miles away. Then she said "I think he'll come back though" and she looked really hopeful. And I realized she still wasn't over him.

I don't know if I should go ahead and tell her how I feel or maybe I just need to give her time or what. I don't know that I wanna give up on it, even if that is the best course of action. I've come to genuinely love the girl, so much so, the words themselves sound unspeakably lame. I suppose that's why I'm here, hoping to get other people's thoughts on the matter.

Thanks for reading this longwinded post by the way lol.
I seem to have developed feelings for my friend with benefits, any advice, please?
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