Why She Chose Anathor Man Proposal Over Me? Even though IM the Best Competitor?

I met her in my new college, and she was so nice to me and we often chat regarding both academics and personal matter from the Beginning, We have almost similar likes on Spirituality, Life principles, and Point of Direction of Life. Thus I took the initiative to express my developing feelings and offered a proposal
As usual, she tied to bring me down and asked to sit for a conversation. But I didn't cuz I know it she was trying to request me to continue as a best friend as we used to. As I further raised the Tension to make her fall in love with me she tried to bring me back to the Friend Zone.

We continued in this state for more than 2 months and I sensed she is learning about me these times and I stayed loyal, Inline, and Too open to my history. As soon as I Explained about her about my Ex-girlfriend WHEN SHE ASKED, and then things changed down drastically.

She Tightened her decision to take me under her Friendzone, She convinced me by explaining her urgent need to complete her academics and the Damage caused to her mental health by her EX and she indirectly asked for Some more Time.
I intelligently played and Allotted her More Time and doesn't Forced her and acted cool.
Learning this I'm Cool enough she took another Flare to Defend me Explaining her about how Orthodox and strict her family is and one night during our regular chat she full stopped all my intention with a single sentence

Even though I Played well and Tried hard and kept my social proof at high she doesn't fall for me...

I chose to roll back and Observed her close! I took the decision to free her and ACT RIGHT when the NEXT CHANCE occurs. It's true I lose track of her in middle and On one morning very next month I got a very unexpected message that shook my entire Brain " SHE HAD FALL FOR AN BELOW AVERAGE GUY" I respect her decision.. But How This Happened? Why she chose him?
Why She Chose Anathor Man Proposal Over Me? Even though IM the Best Competitor?
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