I'm in love with my ex wife's friend... not best friend, how should I tell her?

This is actual a long story, and I don't have enough room to write it all... but ill try to keep it brief. So I met this girl when I was married and when I met her for the first time I was infatuated with her Instantly! Now my marriage was always bad, we were very bad for each other. I never dated or had any other long term relationships other than my wife at the time. Basically... what i'm saying is when I met this girl I knew within 5 minutes within meeting her that I seriously screwed up and married the wrong person. My wife and I got divorced about 4 years later. Now this girl and I never hung out one-on-one before... until back in April this year when magically she showed up and is now my co-worker! We've actually hung out a lot since then and I can't honestly imagine a better partner for me... I knew it when I first met her, but it's always been a shameful secret because I was married at the time. Just an FYI, she wasn't the cause of my divorce... it was a long story and a long time coming before I ever met this girl. Now, unfortunately I did ask her back in June if her and I was a thing? I only asked because she was asking me to hang out a lot, and I didn't know what her intentions were. At this point though... things seem different? She went to Vegas with me. We had a fantastic time and I honestly think we both vibe so well! I'm pretty sure she flirts with me, but it's so hard for me to tell if it's just friendly or if she's possibly giving me signs? She did mention something in Vegas, that we had to keep boundaries because she still respects mt ex as a friend. Also... FYI my ex is engaged and about to be remarried! I don't know... this whole thing makes me sick honestly. I play it off so well, I know she has know idea that I actually have strong feelings for her. Just a few days ago, she texted me that she missed me? I don't know what to do? I"m just dying inside to wanna tell her, but I also feel I should just wait it out for a while.
I'm in love with my ex wife's friend... not best friend, how should I tell her?
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