Would you keep this secret if you were me?

I believe some things should be kept a secret for good. My boyfriend and I are now in our 5th year of our relationship. We met in our freshman year of college

Fast-forward to 2017:
My boyfriend supposedly never got drunk, wasn't too much into alcoholic drinks and if he drank, he didn't go anything over 2 beers. Some of us wanted to know what it would be like if he ever got drunk. One day he got drunk at a family reunion and started telling about sensitive subjects from his childhood (things I didn't know myself) and started crying. Then we started worrying when he began throwing up. The next day, he got better but suspected someone spiked his drink. He never found out who but till this day believes it was spiked and thinks it was my male cousin because they hated each other and almost got into a fight.

This is my secret:
He is correct that his drink was spiked but incorrect in the person. It was really me and two of my friends. Though they just followed through. Basically I was the mastermind in this. Though I didn't mean for it to go that far; never intended to get him sick. I just wanted to see what it was like seeing him drunk. I regret it and will take this secret to the grave. He did opened up about things in his past and trusts me.

So if you were me would you keep that a secret?
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1 mo
If he ever finds out it was me, then he'll be devastated. His own mother abandoned him with his father when he was a toddler. He considers me as part of his family, the one he wants to form a family with.
Would you keep this secret if you were me?
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