Should I end my long distance relationship?

I’m so heartbroken I can’t even explain. I’m in a long distance relationship, last saw him on August. There is this girl he’s been best friends with almost ten years. She has a boyfriend but they’re so fucking close and I don’t want to sound jealous but it fucking shatters my heart to see she get to see him whenever she wants while I suffer here. I can’t tell him that because how you tell someone to stop being friends with someone they’ve been friends since almost childhood? She just asked him to get some stuff from the market since she’s having period cramps she can’t leave the house , like where is your goddamn boyfriend? I have male friends I’m really close to, too and I know they would do the same to me in the same situation, and I know my boyfriend feels the same way about my male friends but I’m so much more sensitive and insecure than him I really can’t take this anymore. I’m thinking of ending the relationship but I love him to death and I see a future for us but it kills my mental health watching him with other people. how could I leave him? I don’t know.
Should I end my long distance relationship?
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